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Roberto Índio (Vocals)
Luiz Omar (Drums/Backing Vocals)
Uiliam Rocha (Bass)
Alexandre Vitorino (Guitars/backing vocals)
Vinicius de Moraes (Guitars)

The Inner Call band it emerged in mid-2008 in Salvador – Bahia state (Brazilian Northeast), at that time the band was known under the name of “On The Rocks”. The group was formed by musicians of the other bands already known on the local scene as: Slavery, Postmortem and Facção. Due to the discovery of other bands named “On The Rocks” the band’s name was changed to “Inner Call” which is also the name of one of the composition/music of the group.

The band entered in a pause in its activities due to the change of professional address of the drummer and also for this reason, the group had its thirst and activities transferred to the city of São Paulo with the due authorization of the other musicians of the original formation, that left the group . After a period of search, new musicians were incorporated, however, already in the city of São Paulo. The guitarist Ricardo Oliveira was the first to arrive and by the time he became a great partner in the compositions, along with drummer Luiz Omar, but the guitarist preferred not to continue with the works and later the formation stabilized with the musicians:

Fabio Lima                  – Vocal;

Rafael Perera             – Guitars;

Renato Passero          – Guitars;

Regis Farina               – Baixo and,

Luiz Omar                   – Drums / Backing Vocals.

With this formation, the band recorded their debut album, the CD “Inner Call” which it contains eight tracks and was released at the end of 2015. The record depicts an everyday universe of an ordinary person, leading a normal life, subject to pressures at work, living with drugs, personal frustrations and diverse fears.

Due to internal problems, this formation disintegrated during the release of the debut album and jointly there was the return of drummer Luiz Omar to Salvador where Inner Call returned to its official thirst, new members were incorporated into the group, so the band stabilized with the musicians:

Roberto Índio             – Vocal;

Alexandre Vitorino     – Guitars and backing vocals;

Benson Lisboa             – Guitars;

Uiliam Rocha              – Bass;

Luiz Omar                   – Drums and backing vocals.

Roberto Indio was also the lead singer of the band’s original lineup, still under the name “On the Rocks”.

Benson Lisboa, unfortunately, remained in the band a short time, due to his professional commitments, which in one way or another, these commitments conflicted with the band’s compromises.

To occupy the post of the second guitar, was recruited the former guitarist of the Portal band, Vinicius de Moraes, experienced and respected musician of the local scenery, therefore stabilizing the formation:

Roberto Índio             – Lead vocal;

Alexandre Vitorino     – Guitars and backing vocals;

Vinicius de Moraes    – Guitars;

Uiliam Rocha              – Bass;

Luiz Omar                   – Drums and backing vocals.

And it was this training that worked hard on the Inner Call promotion tour, released in January of 2016, having a busy scheduling throughout the year and that from last October the group began to dedicate to the production of the new album, titled Elmentals and with launch forecast to happen in February / 2017 and so will be initiated the promotion tour.

“listen to the Inner Call.”

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INNER CALL - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2016