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INNER CALL: confirmed in compilations in Argentina and Europe
Posted on 06/14/2017 @ 22:40 | 575 views

We have recently been confirmed in the “Metal Warriors” collection of the Argentinean site El Bunker Del Metal, which will feature 53 bands from 17 countries and also in the fourth collection of MS Metal Agency Brazil that will be released in Europe next July in physical formats And digital.
The material, which will be promotional and bearing the title of “Renegades from Hell and Earth”, will serve to supply the European market, being distributed to press vehicles, promoters and fans of Brazilian Metal in the old world.
For the design and production of the graphic art of MS Metal’s work, the Brazilian designer João Duarte, who has worked with some of the best Metal artists in the world and who even signs the cover of our new album “Elementals” with Confirmed release for the second half of 2017.

Inner Call é confirmada no cast de coletâneas na Argentina e Europa


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INNER CALL - Official Website - All Rights Reserved 2016