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Inner Call: “Finally, a local band that reminds us, Heavy Metal is also Rock’N’Roll – Rock Loco
Posted on 09/19/2016 @ 15:39 | 505 views

The drummer Luiz Omar Bahian heavy metal band gave an interview to the website Rock Loco. During the interview covered a range of topics such as the emergence of the band, concerts and the release of the debut album.

“We have very clear objectives for 2016. The first is, of course, schedule shows that add value to the band. We already have a few dates in important events like 12/03 in Irish Pub, with two heavyweights of the Bahian scene are Drearylands and Veuliah and day 09/04, we have the New Rock Life, the band shell of Lauro de Freitas. The latter even has a social character as it will collect food, clothes and toys for donation to local society. Day 17/04 will do in Taverna the CD release party with some special guests, including a pocket show the band. We will release two singles until May to present the new training and will also be recorded the video clip of one of the singles. The show at the Stage of Rock 2016 was recorded on video and it will be extracted two clips that will soon be available. For the second half we are scheduled on a brief tour in Sao Paulo and we are scheduling other dates in the state. Soon we disclose more and good news. “- Comment drummer Luiz Omar.

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