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Postado em 16 de outubro de 2017 @ 12:59 | 6 views

it was time for heavy metal to invade the theater.
On 11/11/2017, along with the bands Soul Wind and The Cross the Inner Call will be making a great show for the official presentation of the single Hades and also of the beer “cerbeerus”, at Cine Teatro Boa Vista, located in the Brotas neighborhood , in Salvador.
the presentations will be initiated promptly at 5:00 pm and the ticket, whose promotional value is R $ -15.00, will have a social character, aiming at the collection of food for donation the institution of support to underprivileged children.
that is, 01 ticket + 01 kg of non-perishable food = R $ -15.00.
Participate !!!
support the local scene.
stay heavy !!!


Postado em 28 de agosto de 2017 @ 17:09 | 91 views

Hades, the first single from the album Elementals continues to be featured in the specialized media. This time it was site / zine Thundergod that dedicated space for sound evaluation.
Thundergod brothers thank us very much.

Hades is featured in the especialized media


Postado em 17 de agosto de 2017 @ 13:52 | 118 views

The first single from “Elementals”, our newest work.

“…what is my name???
Scream my name:

the wait is over. Hades!!!


Postado em 15 de agosto de 2017 @ 15:27 | 329 views

Inner Call is featured in Imperative Music Compilation volume XIV, of Imperative Music Brazil, with along with giants like Kreator and Obituary.
The work song is “Hades,” the first single from the band’s new album titled “Elementals” and will be released at the end of 2017.
The collection, which also includes other bands from around the world, will be distributed in Europe, Japan and the United States through record labels as Nuclear Blast, Relapse Records and Redrivetrecords

stay metal.

Inner Call arriving to Japan, USA and Europe


Postado em 15 de agosto de 2017 @ 13:25 | 98 views

…..Charonte my boatman,
the prince of Styx, wait for you.
Come, your ticket is paid.
Meet the guide of deads.
Welcome aboard…..

song from the album “Elementals”. The first single.
coming soon.

cover art
design by Marcelo Almeida.


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